Friday, October 14, 2016

Funky Flytying mixed Booby eyes

Funky Flytying mixed Booby eyes £2.25 at

I LOVE fly-tying short cuts, as anything that makes the task at hand easier is good in my books. Although cutting your own Booby eye cylinders from block foam can be quite rewarding it still takes time, which is why I prefer to go for the precut versions.

Funky’s Booby eyes come in a range of diameters - 3.6mm, 5mm and 6mm - and you get 20 cylinders of foam per single colour pack. The colours available are black, cat green, chartreuse, dirty olive, hot orange, hot pink, hot yellow, purple, red and white.

The hot pink is the perfect ‘Woofta’ pink and I also liked the unusual dirty olive colour. There are times when a more imitative colour is called for, for example in a Booby nymph or a drab Booby lure. It’s not all about fluo or rimfire scope!

You can also get mixed colour packs that contain two cylinders of each colour. The foam cylinders are an inch long so you can easily get two pairs of Booby eyes from each one.

And I do like the mixed pack which will appeal to new tyers as a ‘starter’ selection and also those tyers who want a small pack of different colours to put into a portable tying kit. The Booby eyes are made from dense closed-cell foam and they are easy to work with, compressing well under thread.

They are easily trimmed with scissors to give that perfect round shape for a balanced Booby eye.

Contribute by Matthew Schade of Hunting-Tips.Net.