Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How To Memorize Guitar Exercises And Songs Faster

Hey there, I'm Tomas Michaud. When you're learning a new exercise or new song, go ahead and memorize it as quickly as you can, it's gonna save you a lot of time in the long run.

I know, it's a little bit of work up front and I'm like everyone else. If I have my way, I'm gonna do things the least amount of effort possible and hopefully get the most results but it really does work better and longer when you memorize it.

This is the big issue actually, your attention is always divided either by watching something or trying to remember what you're doing and when your attention is divided, you can't put your full effort into getting the little details right like putting your fingers in just the right place or feeling the tension then relaxing when you feel your hands start tensing up.

Let me give you some tips on how to memorize things quicker, faster, easier. First of all, break it down into small pieces. If you're trying to memorize a chord progression that is 16 measures long, go ahead and just work on the first two measures maybe depending how complex is the course, there's a lot of chords, two measures plenty. If it's maybe one chord a measure, four measures.

Once you can play that without looking at the sheet and feel pretty comfortable, go ahead and do the next four measures, play that a few times, then put on together to see if you can play all eight measures.

The second aspect, look over what you're trying to work on and see if there are any patterns that you could learn. Sometimes it's easier and faster to find what is different and make that change rather than learn in this case the whole second half as if it was something completely different, just identify what's different. Learn that, make that change and then you got the whole thing.

Three, it's easier to memorize something when you're not tired. Don't wait until you're exhausted at the end of the day and try to work on memorizing a piece. Do it when you're fresh. For me, early in the morning is better but anybody has their own time frame.

Sometimes I'll take a rest in the middle of the day and after that, I'm fresh again so find when you're most clear minded and work on memorizing then. Don't try to swim upstream, it's too hard.

Fourthly, do a little every day. It's like a muscle you work it. Start small. Do more you use it, the easier it gets. Don't be intimidated. Your mind has incredible thing just use it and be reasonable. Don't try for big leaps. Start small and keep stretching.

You'll find you can memorize things you never thought you would just by working on over a period of time and if you keep doing every day, you'll be able to tackle bigger and bigger things.

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